Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Cookies with a 2 year old???

I'm not sure WHAT I was thinking when I decided to make cookies last night WITH Emma!! Actually, she had a great time....and she was SO proud to be helping Mommy, but talk about extra work! I put all of the ingredients on the table. Emma was standing on the chair. I turned to get something out of the fridge, turned around and Miss Em is "fingerpainting" with the contents of the egg that she has just broken all over the table. I quickly cleaned her up (after laughing at her giggling with delight at her accomplishment). Next I turned to put the rag back in the sink. When I turned around Emma had climbed up on the table, had her hands in the bowl with the dry ingredients, and she was about to make a second successful attempt at throwing the dry ingredients into the air only to gently be caught by.....her HAIR!! Those of you that have met my child (or you can somewhat tell from the pictures), she has some AMAZING hair!! However, when you throw a bunch of flour and sugar into it, it suddenly becomes a MESS!! I so wish that I had taken pictures. She was so happy with herself! However, I had left my camera at school..GRRR! So, you will just have to make your own image in your head. People always say that the two's are "terrible". I am finding that they are absolutely delightful! True, I am never quite sure what she will do next, but I can almost guarantee that it is going to make me laugh!


2DISCO said...

So...........did the dry ingredients turn into paste? I am surprised being the "control freak" that you are, you even let her help. LOL Great visual picture of Em helping you out.

Sarah said...

That reminds me of Anna. She tells me when she grows up she wants to be a cooker. She has always loved to watch and help me cook. Of course, she made a mess when she was little, but over time she has got pretty good at keeping herself and her surrounding clean.