Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Year in the Life

One year ago today our little family was making our wonderful journey home from our adventure with transplant. Our home was spotless when we got there (wonderful friends and family), our freezers were both full (wonderful friends and family), and we had signs in our entry from our students at school! What an amazing homecoming.

Yes, our Little Emma was finally home. One week short of two months after we left on the plane to get our "new life". You see, when you are waiting for a transplant your life is minute by are left to wonder exactly how long your child will be with you? Will the organ come in time? What will happen to her in the meantime?? I have to say that our "new life" is one of hope and joy. We have had our share of frustrations also...and tears....but, if we had it to do all over again we would not change a thing. Our little girl is here with us to cuddle, love, and smell when she gets out of the bathtub. She is here to yell at us when we do not do EXACTLY what she thinks that we should, here to get into trouble and wrinkle her nose at us when we tell her NO.....we would not change a thing.

Our life is now "NORMAL". I do believe that every single person has a different idea of what "normal" means to them. Our normal includes therapy three times a week, three medications twice a day, a possible hospitilization with every fever, and the realization that this will ALWAYS be our "normal". Luckily, Emma is our first born, so technically we do not know any different. All that we do know is that we have the most beautiful little girl in the world (not that we are partial) and she is FULL of "mooches" for her mommy and daddy (and we cannot get enough of those).

Thinking back over the last year is amazing!! March 19 we received "the call" saying there was a liver. We had a company who offered their private jet, and we met them at the airport (along with many family and friends to see us off). I remember going down the runway, looking through the window, waving at our friends, and thinking "when am I going to wake up????" Is this real??? It literally took us longer to get to the hospital than it did to fly from Cody to Denver. Emma arrived at the hospital, underwent a six hour transplant surgery, came through with flying colors, did great for ten days, and then KABOOM contracted ecoli and 2 bile leaks. She went back in for the scariest surgery...she was so weak! But, she made it...and she was a trooper. She was on 15 meds after transplant...two times a day!! Most of the time she would vomit after her meds, so we would give them again. "Is this reality"???? was my most common thought.

Today, life is great!! Our little Emma is GREAT!!! Thanks for looking back over the last year with me. It is definitely worth sharing!!!

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