Thursday, July 08, 2010


Emma and Owen are jumping for joy this summer:). Life has been full of swimming, swimming, some camping, and more swimming. My kids are like fish! They love the water! It is so nice to see them playing together so well, and the things that they come up with together just make me laugh.

We head to Denver tomorrow for Emma's annual appointments. This has not been her best year heathwise, but it has not been her worst either. I'm apprehensive about what will happen at these appointments. I feel as if a dark cloud is looming, and the thunderstorm is about to hit. I've learned through my years with Emma to trust my gut instincts, and I am pretty worried right now. Hopefully, it will all be OK, and my worrying will have been for nothing. Emma will have numerous appointments on Monday and Tuesday, and she will have a liver biopsy on Wednesday (which will require an overnight stay). Keep your fingers crossed for us that all goes well.




Cindy said...

I love these pictures! I will be thinking of you and Emma and praying for a great outcome.

Kristi said...

They are so sweet together. I really hope the appts go ok. Thinking of you all.

CJ said...

Good luck at the appointments! They have both gotten so big! And are both just beautiful!