Monday, March 01, 2010

Under My Rock....

Hiding under my rock away from the world....if only I could do that. If only I could take my beautiful family and hide away from all of the world I would be as happy as could be. However, that is not reality. Reality is people being unfair and cruel, harsh and untrustworthy...yet, they get away with it! My child is the victim of a teacher that!!! She truly has no sensitivity factor. She does not understand that the harsh tone and words that she uses are not acceptable. We've been rounds. Other staff members have spoken on my child's the administration....yet, nothing is being done. Now, they have decided to video Emma to develop a behavior plan for about coming up with a behavior plan for THE TEACHER!!!

I am stuck....I don't know what to do....this situation is overtaking my life.....and I feel like I have absolutely NO control. Moving Emma to another school is out of the question, and this teacher is the only special ed teacher in our school. This completely SUCKS! I was told today that "A parent's viewpoint is often skewed....not that that is all of it, but I think it is some of this". UGH! 7 other staff members have also reported this behavior is SKEWED???

Any thoughts?? I need input??? PLEASE!


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I have 3 kids, one with a learning disability. I have dealt with teachers, that "are not that bright". Compassion is what all teachers need. But especially a special needs teacher.
I now work in the school system. I try and treat every child, as if they were mine (or how I would want my child treated). Noboby wants to send their child to school, under the care of another to be mistreated. Sometimes staff needs to listen. Who know the child better? A parent or staff member???
How would this person want their child treated, if the shoe was on the other foot?? The teacher can view this as critisim or they can gain personal growth.
But you are your child's advocate. Never take no as a answer.

Brandi said...

I really feel that you have done every thing that you should do to try to resolve this issue. Em is in Special Education for a reason, she needs extra support with her learning and behavior. This should by no means mean that she should be pointed out, be made fun of, put down etc... In fact every effort should be made to avoid her being put in this situation.

Filming Em to see if she needs to be put on a behavior plan? I would object to this issue. How about filming the teacher acting out and intimidating Emma?

How about funding a one on one aid full time for Emma? I'm sure they will say there is not enough money, but you might want to check the state Special Ed. laws on that. If she has the right to one, then they have to fund it.

If she feels the tension and negativity, she likely not going to change her behavior because she is so scared that she doesn't know how to react to such nonsense from her teacher. It sounds as though she is mimicking her teacher's behavior.

At this point you may want to call for mediation out side of the school. You can go directly to the head of the Special Ed department and take the teacher's with you that have witnessed this behavior. Or maybe can have them document what they have witnessed and put it together in an affidavit.

How about your union? Another teacher friend can report this teacher to the union and ask for representation on behalf of Emma, then it is not about you, it's about this teacher's obsurd behavior.

Wow, I hope you get some help. I know there are organizations for special needs kids that can help with the legal part, but I can not remember who they are off of the top of my head. Maybe try to google it.

I wish peace for you and Em today. I am sorry that this continues to be an issue. It is wrong and NO ONE deserves to be treated in the way Emma and you are being treated.

Kristi said...

I wish I had some great advice but I just don't have much experience yet with the school system.. All I can offer is my support.. I really feel for you and Emma right now. Keep us updated.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Just keep advocating!

Myssie said...

Oh Angie...I am so sorry that you and Emma are having to go through this. Have you talked to any of the other parents of students in the special ed program at your school? Is she treating other students badly or is it just Emma? Does she have a beef with you? I know that you teach at the school, could the teacher be angry with you and taking it out on Emma? Have you gone straight to the teacher and asked "WTH???" I have no idea what I would do if I were in your situation, I am sure that you will handle it with more grace than I would. I will be praying for you guys.

Sawyer said...

I wish I had advice as well. But I think what everybody else is saying is good advice. I say "ditto"

Anonymous said...


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