Wednesday, October 28, 2009

18 months

Dear Owen
Wow! I can't believe that it has been 18 months since your grand entrance into this world! What a blessing your arrival was, and you continue to bless our lives every day. You are becoming such an independent little toddler. It is so much fun to see you exploring your world. Here are some of the things that you are doing:

*You love to listen to music and dance...your current favorite is Backwards by Rascal Miss Donna (daycare) says, "You've got the just haven't quite found it yet".

*You love to take things apart, but become really frustrated when they won't go back together.

*You really love sleeping with your mom and dad. You've only come to our bed 2 nights, but last night (the 3rd night) I decided you needed to stay in your own bed all night...and you cried for 6 HOURS!!! Who needs sleep, right? Tonight (so far) you have gone to sleep like a champ.

*Usually your bed time is 7:30 and you sleep until 6....much better sleep schedule for your mama:).

*You love waiting for your daddy to come home so you can help him with things around the house. You are quite the fix it man.

*You are saying so many words. You add a new one every day, and I am amazed at your enunciation. Your current favorites are Dora (the dog at daycare), doggy, mommy, daddy, Memmy (Emma), Uh-oh, look, see, there go (there you go), hi, bye-bye, dee doo (thank you), night night.

*You love to run away from me when you have something that you are not supposed to have (and laugh and laugh while doing it) the remote control from the TV.

*You often throw various things into the garbage (my cell phone, the remote, numerous toys, etc.).

*Dirt is your best friend...mixed with water is even better.

*We cannot forget the number one thing that you love to do....torment your sister....and she loves to do it right back. I enjoy watching the two of you interact and grow together.

Yes, life is wonderful! We are enjoying you to pieces little man. You and your sister have completed our little family, and we couldn't be more happy.

Love to you on your 18 month birthday,


Cindy said...

What a big boy! It's so fun that you're doing so much new stuff. Happy 18 months Owen!

Anonymous said...

Hey kindred spirit.....what about my name? Love the picture!