Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Best Summer Weekend EVER!!

Just to give you a little glimpse into our fabulous weekend....here are a few pictures. We went to a campground about 100 miles from home. Our campsite had a creek running RIGHT behind it....and the kids LOVED it! It was about 90 degrees and perfect weather for splashing about in FREEZING cold water (why is it that kids tolerate it so much better than us? They watched Daddy fish, we saw a spectacular waterfall, made smores, and just enjoyed our little family. Life is good!!

I had the greatest A-HA moment while we were camping. Em jumped off of a log and shouted, "Yeah Baby!". It just sparked my memory that last year at this exact time...her PT was THRILLED that he got her to say that....because it was a 2 word utterance. Up until that time she was only saying single words. It is amazing because now I can carry on full conversations with the girl...and I LOVE every minute of it. Yes, she does ask the same questions over and over and over at times.....I don't mind one bit! I just cherish every word.

The beauty from the weather and our surroundings just added to the beauty of the days. Life is good...and we are loving it!
Sweet Home away from Home

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Cindy said...

what great pictures! I can tell you all had a fabulous time.