Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Babies Are Getting Bigger

Here's a picture of my "babies". I cannot believe that Owen will be 11 months old in 4 more days! Incredible!!! I don't know why blogger has cut off part of my picture??? This picture was taken before we went out to dinner on Emma's transplant birthday. We went to her favorite place ever....PIA HUT (otherwise known as Pizza Hut). It was a great night:).


Cindy said...

Great picture! I see the whole picture in Bloglines, but I think your blog template is too narrow to show it in the size it is...maybe make the whole picture smaller? I love that Emma says Pia Hut. ;)

Michelle said...

Goes to fast, yes? I can't believe my oldest is almost 13---13??? What the heck?

Your kids are A.DOR.A.BLE.!

Kelly said...

Very cute picture! I hope everyone enjoyed Pizza Hut. Kelly F

Kristi said...

They both look great in red.. So cute.

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