Sunday, March 22, 2009

Miss Sassypants

Well, I finally heard someone say it....and I knew that I was going to leap across the room in full ninja karate style fashion...but, I didn't. I kept my cool and bit my tongue as someone said the other day, "It makes you wish that she never learned how to talk, huh?". WHAT!?!?!? Granted, Miss Em is definitely SASSY lately, but I always said that I would NEVER wish that she would be quiet if she ever did talk....let alone wish that she'd never learned how to talk!!! GRRRRR!!! Yes, if it was someone who did not know her well it would be one thing, but this person knows her VERY WELL! Although, I know it was meant as a joke, it did sting just a bit.

Here are some of Miss Sassypants favorite sayings,

"OK FINE!!!!"



When told that it's time for bed she says, "Let's wait 5 more minutes....I'm a big girl now".

When told it's time to get ready for school she says, "Not I am sick".

Although I never show her my smiling face when she is saying these things....inside it does make me smile. She just has such flare when she says them. She knows the exact context to say them in....and she has the proper inflection every time. She just makes me laugh.


Marissa said...

I am so with you on this!! God help the first person that says that to me about Marissa!! :)

Hope you had a great weekend,


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I use the same "not today, today Im sick!" I love you emma, keep talking, and a little sass never hurt anyone!

Cindy said...

I always take credit for things my kids say...they must have heard it from me, or Tom!

And I don't think this person realizes how sassy a nonverbal person can be...if they have the sass, they'll find a way to express it!

The Peacock's said...

It's the red hair, she is bound to be a sass! Like Jessica said a little sass never hurt anyone!