Friday, November 17, 2006

Blast from the "past"

I know that Emma's broken arm happened over a month ago, but I just downloaded the pictures and I had to share them.

Here is Emma. She broke her arm at noon the day before, spent 5 hours in our local ER only to be told that we had to drive to Denver, drove 9 hours (through a MAJOR snow storm) to get there at 3:30 AM, "slept" for 3 hours, then got ready for her big surgery. Still, laying in this bed, getting ready to go into the ER, she wants Mom to "smell her feet" and she has a HUGE grin on her face (her arm has been broken now for 18 hours!!!
arm 1

The wonderful attire that you get to wear if you are the fortunate one to accompany the child to the ER until she falls asleep. We'll never leave your side until you know you are safe little one. Oh, so the clothes scare you???? (remember Mom and Dad are running on little to NO sleep...and the "clothing" is not very flattering)!
arm 2

Coming out of surgery of the same nurses that we had post transplant!!! Amazing!!! However, this time she has juice...AND she gave me a PRETTY purple cast!!! OH, and my belly doesn't hurt:).
arm 4

As long as I have my buddy Elmo to help hold my arm is GOOD!!!
arm 5

After I got out of the hospital...I got to see my friend Ronald McDonald...and I actually LIKED him this time!!!
arm 6

3 weeks later, my cast is off, and I'm back on my wild way! I'm running, jumping, and LOVING life:). My mom says that she wishes EVERYTHING was as easy as my broken arm:)!!!


DDM said...

Miss E! You are so lovely and brave. :-)

Laurie said...

I'm so glad that everything turned out OK with Emma's arm.

She's just so beautiful!!!