Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What a difference

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While watching my sweet little girl this evening, I found myself reflecting on the events of her life. She is such a miracle! I am reminded every day of the beauty within her, and how fortunate we are that she is here to spend one more day! Her laugh, smile, the way she runs away from me when I'm trying to get her...I wouldn't change it for a minute. Now, there is the occassional moment like dinner tonight when I want to scream (she thought it was funny to chew a few bites, take it out of her mouth, and throw it at Mom) UGH!! but, I would not change a thing about her. I just had to share 2 pictures today. The first one was 5 days after she was listed for a new liver in 2003! She was SO sick, and had no energy! The second picture was taken recently! What a difference! Life is the most precious gift we can be given, and she was given SO much life with her new liver! Thank you donor family for making that choice in your most difficult time!


Carol T. said...

Little Emma is such a pretty little girl and I am so amazed at the progress she has made . Have kept in contact ever since she was born.

Laurie said...

What a change! Emma is just beautiful in BOTH pictures.