Friday, June 24, 2005

The love of toast!

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Yes, it is true! We are finally moving toward some more solid foods!! Granted, we only take 2 to 3 bites and we are done with that....but it is a step forward, and we'll take what we get!! Oh, and cinnamon toast is also a wonderful thing to put in your ear!! Just ask Emma....she will tell you!!!


Laurie said...

Oh the MOUNDS of beautiful hair! Emaa is just gorgeous (as always)!!

We still take the small steps, right? It took Anthony a while to want to eat solids. Now we've moved on to wanting to feed ourselves with a fork. SOMETIMES the fork makes it into the mouth!

Colleen said...

Emma is certainly a beautiful little girl. She will get there just have faith. You have her to love and hold every day.