Sunday, August 05, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday Princess Em

Dear Emma,
I cannot believe that you are 4 years old today. I look at you and I am in awe with what an amazing person you are. Your love for every person that you come into contact with is so reflective in your eyes. You have the purest soul of anyone that I have every met. I learn a lesson from you every day about the way that I need to look at the world and treat others. You are kind to everyone, and you think that all people are good. What a wonderful world this would be if we could all think that way.

In the last year you have become potty trained, you've gone to pre-school, you have learned to jump higher and run faster, and you have developed a love for purses, make-up, cell phones, and jewelry that even Paris Hilton would be intrigued by. I'm amazed at your independence. You have found a BFF (best friend forever) at pre-school named Brindi, and the two of you are inseperable. I love to watch you and Brindi interacting. The games that you come up with are really amusing.

My favorite time is still at night when you are so tired. Even though you tell us you are not tired...your poor little eyes can barely stay open. When you crawl into my lap and ask for a story to be read to you how can I resist. If I am really a lucky fall asleep on my lap with your head on my shoulder, and I realize then exactly how sweet life is.

I look forward to many more years with you my strong little princess. You have overcome obstacles that most of us will never encounter in our lives....and you have won! Keep on reaching higher every time that bar is raised. Never let anyone tell you that you can't. You are my hero, Emma and I am so fortunate to be able to say that I am your Mom.

Love you with all of my heart,

This was at your party yesterday. My heart was so happy to see you sitting with your little friends and eating....what amazing progress you have made in a year!
E B-day 4

Your new little fake smile that you give me any time that I tell you to say "cheese"! This is how you smiled for the camera all day yesterday.
E B-day 3

Here's your Dora cake that Mama made. I know that she doesn't have any feet....whoops! You loved it anyway!
E B-day 2 cake

Blowing out the candles....I hope that every wish you ever make comes true!
E B-day 1


Laurie said...

Happy, happy, happy, happy Birthday, Emma! I love the pictures of your Dora cake, and your beautiful "fake" smile!

Sarah said...

Love the Dora cake! Looks like a fun birthday party!

Happy Birthday Emma! And many, any more!

Kyla said...

Happy birthday, Emma! Love the Dora cake...who needs feet anyway? Someone will just eat 'em. ;)

amy said...

I just read this blog. I have to tell you how presious Emma is. She is so sweet and such a beautiful child. You have been blessed!

Hugs to her.. a little late for her Birthday!

Hugs and Love