Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Parental "Norms"

Is it wrong for me to just want to fit in with the parental "norms" in one category? To be able to talk to other first time parents who still have that innocense of first time parenting? I would love to have the conversation and be able to say, Yes, Emma did that (insert walking, talking, eating, etc.) around that same time also?

Today is just a gloomy day for me. I have not had one of those in quite some time, so I guess that I am entitled, however I do not like them. I am really having a difficult time because Emma will be 2 on Friday and she is still not walking on her own! She walks EVERYWHERE in our house...while holding onto the walls! Don't get me wrong, Emma has come so far in the last year! It's just until now I would always tell myself, "well, other kids that we know with Biliary Atresia aren't walking yet either", well, now they ALL are. I am SO happy for them, but I feel so alone also! When will it happen for Emma. I have honestly thought since Christmas that it would be "anyday now"...as we still wait.

I have people tell me that "once she walks you will say to yourself why did I ever want her to do that?". Well, I will not fit into that "parental norm" either. I have waited too long to see her with that independence...I will be so excited!!

Thanks for listening to me vent! Sometimes that is just what I need!

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supermom said...

I know what you mean...sometimes it can make you feel better knowing you are not alone. My son is 3 1/2 and has PDD-NOS, (autism spectrum), he can't speak like othe children. He has other amazing accomplishments, he can write, he can read sight words, he signs, he can count... but he can't say his own name. That is heart breaking and weighs heavy on my heart. He has finally broken out of the little world he was living in, but he can't communicate verbally. We take it one day at a time and cheer him on all the way. Thanks to the internet, moms like us can unite and have our own "parental norms", there are alot of us out there, all one has to do is reach out...